Antonia Juni 30,2015

Take a Exclusive look at this new modern Shot by Natasha Wilson together with Lexee Smith. We uploaded 4 High Quality Images, click here to see them all.

Antonia Juni 26,2015

Go watch the New Music Video from the new Artist Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). Larsen and Lexee are dancing on this Official Music Video, click here to see it. Also Larsen attended the POPULAR TV celebration in Beverly Hills. Just look down below for new Videos, Photos and more!

And Larsen and Lexee Smith are going to be on the Poster Child Magazine again. It’s coming out soon!

Antonia Juni 20,2015

Check out the new Photos from Larsen in this Month’s Issue from Nation Alist Magazine. Click here to see the Full Magazine.

Antonia Juni 14,2015

Check out Larsen for Poster Child Magazine. She is showing some fun Summer Styles. Go check them out now!!

Poster Child Magazine:Today we caught up with Larsen to show off some awesome summer Street Style looks with favourite pieces from our friends at with photography by Stephanie Jacobs.

Antonia Mai 24,2015

Check out Larsen for California Kisses. Be sure to Follow them on Instagram for more Photos.

Antonia Mai 22,2015

Check out all the New Images from Larsen shooting with Alex Kruk for MODiste (for Nordstroms). For more news and Updates follow them on Instagram 

Antonia Mai 18,2015

We can’t wait for the June Issue of “Magnificent Magazine“, we got an Exclusive look at all the awesome Images shot by Shannon Sewell, for now we added all the HQ released Images. We can’t wait to share more!! Larsen also shot for Bobbly New Berry’sI AM“. Check them out!

And got watch Larsen and Taylor’s Bean Boozled Challenge, very funny! Also read and get to know more about Larsen in the new Interview with

Antonia Mai 7,2015

Another great Article from Dance Spirit Magazine, “Oh Haaay, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson”. We also love Larsen and Taylors dancing to Big Sean’s “IDFWU”. Watch it here if you haven’t watch it yet.

You may see Larsen’s Appearance on THE VOICE 2015. Larsen and friends danced to the amazing sining from The Voice singer Sawyer Fredericks to the Song “Take Me to the River”. Go see it by yourself.

Antonia Mai 2,2015

Check out Larsen for this Month Issue of “Rising Talent Magazine” Click here to watch some Behind the Scenes and the Interview. All Photos by KGR Photography. Thanks RTMagazine, for sharing all the Images.

Thanks Nylon for sharing this awesome Article of Larsen and Taylor Hatala. Like the Original, but better (Nylon says) Check it out here

Antonia April 13,2015

Like you can see we added a “New Project” to our Project Section. Larsen and her Friends are dancing in Aubrey Miller’s new Music Video “Electrified“. They showed us a little Preview on Instagram. We can’t wait to see the Music Video!

Pictures from Aubrey Miller @OfficialAubreyMiller on Instagram & Taylor Hatala @Tayd_dance