Antonia April 9,2015

Hey people, we just wanted to let you know what we have got a new Domain name. Now it’s But don’t worry if you type .net still, it’s going to switch automatically.

We also got a New Layout, made by the amazing Yukiko. We absolutely love it. You can click here to see all the previous Layouts “Everything Larsen” had before. Stay tuned for more Projects and Updates.

Antonia April 3,2015

Go check out Larsen, in Chloe Lukasiak’s New Dance Project. Give it a thumbs up if you like it. We also add some Caps to the Gallery, you check out down below.


Antonia April 2,2015

We have added around 23 new Images of Larsen’s Shoot with Lilly K. Photography. Some Photos are also with Kaylyn Slevin. We really like the style. All credit goes to Lilly K. Photography for all Images!


Antonia März 29,2015

If you haven’t watch Part 1 of Larsen and Taylor dancing, go watch it here NOW! Cause now Part 2 it OUT!! Go watch Larsen and Taylor Hatala dancing to an amazing Choreography by Janelle Ginestra. Check it out

Antonia März 27,2015

Check out Larsen’s new Fashion Blog. Larsen is going to post all about Fashion and things I love including dance, acting, and modeling. Click here or on the Image to check out Larsen’s Posts.


Antonia März 14,2015

We have added some of those Images before but now we like to share all of them. Alex Kruk is calling it “A Hair Game with Larsen“. All Pictures from Alex Kruk Photography. We love them!! Check them out!!


Antonia März 14,2015

A while ago, Larsen and her Friends shot for Mischka Aoki by Alex Kruk Photography. Finally we can see the results. You can view all Pictures at our Gallery now.


Antonia Februar 28,2015

I finally added the Pictures by MAX&BEAN. They posting new pictures by time so go check their Facebook Page for more Updates, Infos and new pictures. And keep an eye out for some more Pictures for Mischka Aoki by Alex Kruk Photography.


Watch the New Dance Video, Larsen as Main Role in the New Video “The Weekend by Eden xo

Antonia Februar 10,2015

Just a little sneak peek from Larsen’s new shoot with Lilly K. Photography. More Details and Picture coming out soon!
Also Larsen and Taylor got featured on MTV Spain. So cool. Read and watch here.


Antonia Februar 8,2015

Watch the New Video from Larsen and her talented Friend Taylor Hatala, a Choreography by Janelle Ginestra. There is also an Article from Ryan Seacrest, you can find here.